5 Reasons Why I'm Excited for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

If anyone has read some of the pieces I've wrote for UndiscoveredGaming then you should know that I am a very opinionated kind of guy. I really mean it when I say One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is a game that I'm very excited to play, it's very hard to hold my excitement for this game. I'll be honest when talking about games that came out this week, this game is probably not on anyone's radar; that is unless you are a fan of the Pirate Warriors series like I am. To release some of that excitement I have for this game I will be listing my top 5 reasons why I am excited for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.

1.I'm a Fan of One Piece

I think it goes without saying that being a fan of the source material intensifies your experience with any adaption. That's not to say not being a fan means you will dislike every adaption but it honestly helps. I'm not gonna say I was on the One Piece trenches day one with the first chapter of  the manga, that is really impossible for me to say; I don't think manga readers were a thing on the internet in 1999. My first experience with One Piece really was with the 4kids dub on Fox's Saturday morning programming, I enjoyed myself not knowing how horrible the English dub was; One Piece rap opening get out of my head. I really got into One Piece while the early part of the Impel Down Arc was going on in the anime; most of the motivation getting into One Piece was thanks to Hancock. Instead of watching the recent episode I watched from episode 1 in the start of summer, one summer later and about 325 episodes on my belt I was officially a fan of Oda—the author of One Piece — and his work. I have been reading and watching One Piece ever since. One thing I learned about this fandom is that if you're not a fan of One Piece then that means you have not experienced it yet. I wasn't really going for my One Piece origin story but that is why I am a fan of this fantastic series.

2.I'm a Fan of the Gameplay

I will say that I'm not really the biggest fan of the Dynasty Warriors games, I can't really get into the story of the series; I honestly find it to be a little boring. The story aside the thing I like about the Dynasty Warriors games is the gameplay, I know that isn't a popular opinion for those type of games but I don't really care; I like what I like whether it is popular or niche. I like the repetition and the idea of controlling a character who can take out hundred of enemies in the matter of minutes; it makes me feel very powerful in the game. I'm very much a fan of a licensed Omega Force—the developer of the Dynasty Warriors games— game whether it be Gundam, One Piece, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest or even Attack on Titan, if I'm a fan of the source material I am totally gonna play the Dynasty Warrior's version of that property.

3.Experiencing the One Piece Story...again

Cheers to watching the emotional scenes...again
Only the first entry in the Pirate Warriors series told the One Piece Story as it was meant to be told. While Pirate Warriors 2 told it's own unique story with dead characters that were alive, it told this story with it implied that the 2 year timeskip already happened. Other then the enhanced gameplay of the sequel I was not much of a fan to be honest of One Piece Pirate Warriors 2. So knowing that Pirate Warriors 3 is gonna retell the whole One Piece Story, whch includes the story arcs they never did in the original game makes me very excited as a fan of One Piece. Reliving the happy and sad moments that One Piece is known for makes me excited; I'm probably gonna cry at certain moments that make a bit too emotional. With the story mode going up to the Dressrosa arc in the anime, the story mode in One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is looking very 'meaty' to say the least; I'm sure Luffy appreciates that comment.

4.Sabo and Other New Characters

With each new installment in the series comes a variety of new characters that couldn't be implemented in the previous iteration of the series. I am personally most excited to play as Luffy' other older brother, Sabo with his newly acquired devil fruit powers in one of later story arcs. Other then Sabo there really is much new characters I can put a spotlight on, it seems like the same cast of characters playable in Pirate Warriors 2. Even though there aren't a lot of new characters to play as, there a lot of new characters to fight in this entry; which I would like to think there saving some of those enemies to be playable in a possible Pirate Warriors 4.

5.The First Pirate Warriors Game Playable on PS4

Lastly I am just really excited to play a Pirate Warriors game on PS4, I don't have to plug in my PS3 to play it which is good. I realize that the PS4 version is just a prettier version of the PS3 version, I honestly don't care that much I just want to play the game on my console of choice. 

It really goes without saying how excited I am for One Piece Pirate Warriors. I have been doing opinion pieces for the site with game conference coverage on top of that. With game review season coming soon I do also plan to review a couple games for the site so be on the lookout for that. So hyped for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 now.

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