Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review

With psychological mysteries and crazy historical turns, Treyarch’s Black Ops games have always had something different to offer the Call of Duty franchise. Black Ops 3 keeps the feel of a Call of Duty game, but changes enough to give me a new playing experience.


The six-hour campaign is set in the near future and embraces the use of technology called the “Direct Neural Interface,” or DNI for short. This tech allows humans to mentally interact with computers, weapons, and other people (that also have a DNI). It introduces awesome new abilities and important new roadblocks that changes the way Call of Duty is played. For example, the picking up of an enemy’s weapon at times was not possible if you lacked the copy- cat ability because the weapon was bio locked to that enemy, other abilities such as running on walls or air thrusting were also not available unless you used points attained from missions to upgrade your tech abilities. These are called Fabrication Points and are only obtained after completing a mission, leveling up in the campaign mode, and also by achieving accolades on the missions you do complete. Each of these points are important as they dictate your playing style in the game.
This brings us into the new Safe House functionality that was added to the game. After each mission the player is given however long they deem necessary to prepare for the next mission ahead. The Safe House allows access to create different loadouts for use on the field, as well as creating paintjobs for weapons, and the purchase of new Tech Core power ups. There are also data vaults that allow you to view combat stats, read little bios about weapons, and a little in-depth view of the war events that took place in this world. You can view the collectibles that they have gathered and even change the appearance of your character in minor ways through the wardrobe. There is also the addition of the combat simulator which could train you for possible combat situations you may run into.
The powers that you obtain after the first mission make a huge difference in the Call of Duty experience as they change the way the game plays entirely. These abilities really shine when you add another player or three into the mix. When playing with friends or random players you could have each person have a dedicated tech power which would help adapt to any battle situation that you were in. When you need specific enemies dead as soon as possible, you could have a person with the abilities needed to take care of it. This may come as an upset to those who like the guns blazing aspect of the franchise but fear not as power ups are on a cool down system and they do not make the shooting aspect of the game obsolete. The powers aren’t mandatory, you can go through most of the campaign without using these abilities.
The campaign’s “Realistic” mode gives the players an extremely difficult playing experience, where one bullet is all it takes to take you out of the picture and I throughly enjoyed enjoyed the experience. Not only was I laughing at my own frustration, but who else wouldn't want to see their friends rage quit over?


Moving on to what most customers purchase COD games for, Multiplayer!!!!
The multiplayer experience of Black Ops 3 is of course the most important and also where the game does not disappoint. Like Advanced Warfare everyone is equipped with an air thruster which allows for quick aerial movement, but in a different way so it may take some getting used to at first. Treyarch has also adding the ability to swim and have underwater gun fights! This allows players to travel underwater and take little shortcuts in maps to spring up behind an enemy and possible wipe out the entire enemy team. In addition to the thrusters and swimming the game also adds Titanfall wall running mechanics which gives multiplayer a whole new way of combat and limitless ways to take down the opposing teams.   

Black Ops 3’s multiplayer returns with the Pick-10 loadouts, which let you select 10 weapon attachments, perks, grenades, and more to take into battle, it also includes a huge collection of unlockable guns, perks, and gear that let you mold a playstyle of your own. What really makes Black Ops’ multiplayer stand out is the addition of Specialists. Before a match begins, you pick a Specialist to play as, ranging from choices of a minigun wielding robot to an archer with explosive arrows. Some of these Specialists are level locked, but as you progress and unlock each one has one weapon and ability that is exclusive to him/her that you may pick to bring into battle.
This addition to multiplayer is great as it changes the way the game plays, instead of dodging bullets you may have to avoid explosive arrows, or scramble to shoot clones before the original kills you first. You can pick the character who can see enemies through walls for a short time, or run around the map with a one shot one kill pistol, or even set your enemies aflame with your special flamethrower. Like in campaign these powers are on a cool down and if killed while using your specialists’ weapon/ability you’ll also have to wait for it to recharge.
There are new game modes that were added, Arena Mode and also a new game mode called Safeguard were added and finally Demolition was brought back into the mix.
Arena Mode is a cool new competitive mode where each team can place restrictions on or save certain perks, attachments, weapons, and etc. before the match begins, having players to not grow too accustomed to their favorite weapon loadouts and changing every gaming experience.
Safeguard is a game mode where each team gets a turn escorting a non-combative robot to the other side of the map while the other team defends by disabling the robot until the time runs out. It’s not really fast paced as other modes are but it does offer the opportunity to rank up on a bunch of kills and is a cool new defensive type combat situation.


Black Ops 3’s brings back zombies with some new additions. Shadows of Evil is the new map that players get to roam this time around. This map features a new cast of random people who all have some interesting backgrounds trapped in an old-timey mysterious city like maze. Zombies has somewhat of a storyline to follow which consists of 4 characters from very different backgrounds teaming up together to get 4 relics to in order to perform a ritual summoning to open a portal to hell essentially.
One big new addition to Zombies is the ability to “Become the Beast.” Where the player who activates a glowing shrine can transformed into the mythical creature Cthulhu for a brief moment allowing them to access certain areas of the map and progress through the zombies storyline.
With the addition of the beast zombies also allows player to customize certain weapons before diving into the chaos and also introduces a new perk like system called Gobble-gum. Gobble-gum are little gumballs that players can attain from gumball machines throughout the map these give your character a little perk that unlike those of the vending machines are not permanent. These add a little diversity to the playstyle of the game and can sometimes come in handy in dire situations.
Zombies of course has your generic monsters running around but also introduces new zombies as well. Instead of our beloved zombie dogs there are now flying insect demons that attack from above. There are also reaper-look-alike ghost that pop out of random portals that open up in space and even a Giant Zombie that always seems to have a horde of brain munchers following behind.
With a new map, new zombie types, and some new skills/perks along with that zombies offers players a new exciting playing field that keeps you interested and still fighting for survival. Making it a fun experience to have with friends online or even all by your lonesome.    


When it comes graphically the game isn’t amazing like the other games that were released this year. Although the graphics aren’t amazing, they aren’t horrible either. There are minor details that do make the game a little more intense like enemies exploding into bits after being blown up by an explosive arrow or being hit by the shrapnel of a grenade.
Emblem creations return and you also can give your gun a paint-job which allows your gun to stand out from the rest with just a little creativity and patience.

With all of its game modes and unlockables Black Ops 3 even has Easter Eggs for the player to find. If you have the DLC for Nuketown then you can experience a couple while playing alone or with a friend in a private match and for those who don’t have the DLC then you can find the Dead Ops 3 Easter Eggs while on campaign in the Safe House.       
The Mechanics of the game are smooth, Black ops 3 makes the player feel like they are in full control of their movements with the air thrusting, wall-running, and power sliding players are able to traverse maps with ease with the freedom and ability to come up with intuitive ways of taking down their foes. Setting up classes is quick and simple and allows players a wide range of customization without making the player feel like they don’t have enough and the specialists are all throughout fair and not overpowering in gameplay.

Final Verdict:
From its co-op campaign to the brand-new bio-tech powers and a the demonic new Zombies map, Black Ops 3 meets the expectations of core fans and also adds upon the game pushing the series forward. Black Ops 3 may not be the best Call of Duty game ever, but it does bring a lot to the table that satisfies our Call of Duty needs.

Written by Samuel Dorsainvil

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