Save Point: Weekly News August 17th - August 23rd

Nvidia Adds Playstation 4 feature: Share Games over the Internet

Share Play comes to PC! Nvidia is attempting to offer a feature that will simulate a local multiplayer experience over an internet connection. This feature essentially allows you to (virtually) invite someone to sit next to you and give them the ability to take control of the game you are playing. The other person could be playing the game to simply try out the game or to help you get through a tough spot. Your computer does need to have a certain Nvidia GPU if you decide you want to be the one sharing. Nvidia says the GTX 650 and up will be supported for the streamer. 

GameFly Launches Steaming Service. Service now available on multiple platforms

GameFly has decided that it isn't going to roll over and die as digital downloads and cheap rentals are slowly taking it's business. The company announced on June 2nd that it will be launching GameFly Streaming which is a cloud-powered, Netflix style subscription program for games. The streaming service is going to offer bundles for fixed prices such as a Lego Bundle and Batman Arkham titles. Previously only available on Amazon Fire TV, GameFly is expanding it's service by making it available on Samsung TVs across the United States, Canada, and eight more European regions. Is this really the new "Netflix" of gaming?

Viral Video: Real First Person Shooter

Chatroulette, a service that randomly matches two people for a video conversation, is a place where you never really know who you're going to meet or what's going to happen. These unsuspecting rouletters (that's a word right haha) didn't realize they were about to embark on a journey only a select few would ever get to experience. By issuing commands to the host, the viewers were able to navigate and choose the decisions made by the host to create a unique experience only to them. The first video shows the finished video while the second one shows behind the scenes so we have a bit more appreciation for how much work went into it this amazing project. 

Pokken Tournament announced for Wii U 

Previously only available in arcades all over Japan, Pokken Tournament is now coming the Wii U. Announced at the Pokemon World Championships, the Pokemon Company said the the fighting game will have a worldwide release in the spring of 2016. The game will be published by the Tekken publisher, Bandai Namco and will star the cast of Pokemon! 

HearthStone Coming To Consoles? 

So I'm hoping you really really love HearthStone...because if you don' sucks for you. Blizzard executive producer, Hamilton Chu, says the developer wants to support HearthStone for 10-20 years and even teased plans for a console version during an interview with Gamespot. Think about the possibilities! Now you're kids will be able to enjoy the same games you did! Although there were no dates announced for console, Chu said Blizzard would like to expand onto different platforms. 

Crowdfunding Platform Specifically For Games

Fig, a new crowdfunding platform, aims to re-invent the way games get funded. They have plenty of key features that distinctly differentiate it from other crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The first key feature is that this platform will be specifically used for video games and ONLY video games. The most unique feature of Fig, is the fact that they're introducing a new business model which they're calling "investment crowdfunding." Fig is planning to offer equity to it's investors which means that these investors are going to enjoy the upsides of any financial success they're projects receive. If you'd like more information about Fig, Gamespot had an excellent article explaining the company and what they want to do. Click here

"Investment crowdfunding is currently limited to accredited investors only, but pursuant to a recent regulatory development, Fig plans to open up investment opportunities to everyone in the near future," said the company in a recent news release. 

Are You Sure It's a Hideo Kojima Game?
Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi, is willing to acknowledge that Konami made a mistake by removing Hideo Kojima's name from Metal Gear Solid 5 box art. So they fixed the problem themselves with a big F-U to the company. They've begun adding Kojima's name to the displays around the country just to stick it to the man! Awesome. 

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