4 Things We Need To See In Blood and Wine

A couple weeks ago, some images were leaked from a Steam release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood and Wine DLC. The pre-order had May 30th as the release date, but CD Projekt Red quickly countered this by releasing a trailer and revealed the actual date as May 31st. The video did not reveal too much other than some awesome imagery, but information has slowly been released including the fact that there will be thirty extra hours of gameplay. Will this DLC be an awesome finale to one of the best RPGs of all time? Below is a quick list of several things we hope to see in the new expansion. 

1) Unique Items and Creatures

One of the best things about the Witcher 3 is the crafting for armor and weapons, which means good news for the new expansion. There is a supposed thirty new weapons and 100 pieces of armor to be added to the game. A new armor dye mechanic will also be introduced where every single piece of Witcher gear can have their colors changed. The catch is the dyes can only be obtained in Toussaint via purchases from merchants, loot or alchemic formulae. This should be interesting though, and it could be a great way to create new, unique pieces of armor.

If you've read the original series of books, you know that there are a lot of creatures and monsters that haven't been released into the Witcher world yet. From the trailer, it seems like something dangerous is lurking in the streets of Toussaint, and I'm curious to see exactly what it is. So far it is known that twenty new monsters will be introduced to this DLC. 

2) Where's Iorveth and Our Other Favorite Characters?

We got to see Roche and the Blue Stripes from The Witcher 2. We even got to see some other loved characters from previous games like Shani, but what happened to Iorveth and Saskia, who shaped a significant storyline for Geralt and friends? Iorveth arguably made one of the biggest impressions on players with his involvement with the game and the Scoia'tael. So far, there are only rumors of him returning in a comic, which would be really disappointing. I want to see everyone in action and joining Geralt in his final stretch of the journey. Not just a chosen few. 

So far, there hasn't been any word about a continued storyline past the end game, but a couple of the endings of the main game were very open and many of us are curious about Ciri and Geralt's other friends. Since this is the final DLC, hopefully there will be some follow-up with everyone who finished this story with Geralt. I'm hoping that they will have some surprises for the players, and pieces of the story that they have kept secret so far.

3) Worlds Outside of Velen and Novigrad

The setting of Blood and Wine is in this place called Toussaint, and the area is untouched by war. But what kind of place is it? Is it more woods and swamps? Is it a sprawling city like Novigrad? It seems like the area is a combination of both; from the trailer we see Geralt travelling a long ways on horseback, and the landscape is variable and mountainous compared to the typical northern realms. One positive thing about the beginning of the Hearts of Stone expansion is that it seemed like Geralt would go to a far away land, further away like Skellige. He ended up fighting some very foreign mages and warriors. Needless to say, I was disappointed when Geralt actually landed on some sandy shore slightly north of Novigrad. Hopefully, the land of Toussaint will be slightly more exotic than the swamps and woods of Velen.

4) A Completely Unique Story

The thing that sets this series apart is the premise and storyline of a Witcher, and the fine line that separates humans from monsters in their struggles. We need to see much more of that again in this DLC. One of the best things about the first expansion Hearts of Stone was that the seemingly harmless character in the beginning of the Witcher 3, ended up being one of the most dangerous and complicated villains for the expansion. They even introduced brand new characters and anti-heroes, that we felt completely connected to despite their separation from the main story. That kind of stuff is great and completely unexpected. It gives the feeling that anything can happen, and that every character the player meets is important to the game. With a supposed 90 extra quests and thousands of new dialogue lines, I get the feeling that Geralt will meet plenty of new friends to help him solve this trouble haunting Toussaint. 

What else do you want to see in this expansion? The Witcher 3 final DLC Blood and Wine comes out May 31st. Check out the trailer!

Written by: Rae Swain
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