Why Go So Hard? 10 Reasons Why Should Play Video Games On Hard

I have a question...easy, normal, or hard? That is the first decision you make before jumping into any video game and today I’ll discuss "hard" and why I think it’s the best choice for any gaming experience.

Now I know that most gamers will pick "normal" difficulty and others will pick Easy, but most gamers that I know will almost never pick hard or higher. When it comes to gaming besides gameplay and graphics I believe that there should also be a challenge in the game. Yes some games can be challenging on normal but wouldn’t you rather feel more accomplished knowing that you bested the game entirely? Now with playing on hard there are some negative effects such as raging, screaming at your TV and consoles and even sometimes threatening to break the disc or uninstall the game as if the game has feelings and you are threatening to take away its life. When it comes to hardcore gaming, there are also some pros to playing on Hard and here they are.

1. Self Control Practice: 
A lot of people have a hard time with controlling their anger and at times let things get out of hand. You may be saying but playing a game on a harder difficulty will get me more angry so how will it help control my anger, and yes you are 100% correct playing games on the hardest difficulty will be infuriating at times but the more accustomed you get to a difficulty, the less aggravated and out of control you will become. When I first started playing games on Hard or higher, I would at times yell and scream and curse at my gaming system and even start chucking my controller to the ground (on rare occasions). When you get more accustomed to the difficulty spikes in different games then you find alternate methods to vent other than raging, and you can also transfer these self control tactics in real life as well so its a double whammy.
"Hahaha...it's not a big deal. *vein pops out of forehead"

2. Higher Skill Set: 
Seriously...no ones chess pieces end up like this.
Along with gaining more self control you also gain a higher skill set, and this is not just in that particular game but also with any other game that has similar qualities or features as the one you  are currently playing. On top of just getting better at your current game, you can transfer this new knowledge of playing into other games making other games easier to beat. Your new skill set will make you an all around great player as opposed to a gamer with singular talents.  

3. Bragging Rights!: 
Now we all know that the gaming community is a competitive place. Whether it be the best fighting it out for a large sum of cash at a gaming competition, or just you competing with your friends to see who can amass the largest Gamerscore. We all have had a competition with one person or another and with being victorious, you gain bragging rights. With playing on the hardest difficulties, you’ll already be a step ahead of your competition. Ok he beat the game on normal and he has 800 Gamerscore in the game, but guess what? You beat it on hard and have an extra 30 Gamerscore so its time for him/her cough up that 100 bucks you just bet on buddy!!! Also when there are games that have a high difficulty curve when others know of your accomplishment they will be impressed. Just make sure not to boast too much because then you’ll just be viewed as a jerk.  
Anyone who has played Super Smash with a sibling will understand.

4. Sense Of Accomplishment:
I'm a picture and Im inspiring you ^(^.^)^
You know that feeling when you bought your first gaming console with your own money? Having that thought in your head "yes this is mine I own it. I worked hard and it has payed off." Now remember how good that felt. Well when you beat a game on hard, it’s kind of the same feeling...sorta. When completing a long and grueling game on the hardest difficulty, you feel soooooo accomplished, and not to say you wouldn’t beating the same game on a lower difficulty but on hard you have a feeling as if a giant weight was just lifted from your shoulders. You now have completed the game on the hardest difficulty and you get to hear that beautiful sound that your gaming console gives you letting you know that “Yea man you did it, Congrats!”.  

5. Full Experience: 
Sure you can experience the game on easy or normal but you spent 60 bucks on the game so why not experience it all of its glorifying features. Granted there are games that don’t really change on hard aside from the difficulty of the enemies but for many games playing on hard adds extra features that wouldn’t affect your gameplay while playing on lower difficulties. For example, when playing games like Dragon Age, Fallout New Vegas, or even Diablo, playing on hard adds a ton of new features to the game of course by increasing the difficulty and changing the game enough to make it a completely different experience from normal and easy. Sometimes in games it is even necessary to beat a certain part or mission on hard so why not kill two birds with one stone.  
"How the F*** did I get up here?"
6. Challenge: 
Playing on hard can be aggravating but for those who seek a challenge in their gaming, instead of just cruising on through easyville, will understand the thrill of the challenge. Who doesn’t like to be mentally stimulated while playing video games, and nobody wants to have an easy ride all the way through the experience. Everyone at one point wants a challenge from a game that they have been playing even if it is a slight difficulty boost.

7. Respect for the Game: 
Those who have experience with playing games on hard know what I mean when I say that after completing a game on its hardest setting, one finds a profound respect for the game. You can like a game, but can never respect it fully until you’ve taken and survived through all the grueling tasks it has had to throw at you.

8. Something Different: 
Dark Souls: Hardest Game Ever...
Tired of playing on that same old difficulty? Perhaps on your 4th play through and those normal enemies aren’t packing quite the punch? Do you need something different? Then you my friend may be inclined to play on a harder difficulty, nothing can spice up that game of yours but more challenging AI and new factors to watch out for. No one wants their game to be dry and easy, so change the difficulty now and if you do it in the next 5 min we’ll double your gaming experience!!! That’s right double the experience to double the fun!!!

!!Warning!!:Playing on harder difficulties may cause, anger, stress, disappointment, mood swings, temper tantrums, broken controllers, rage quits, extreme profanities, mild headaches, and constant prayers to god that you’ll beat this f***king game!!

9. Achievement/Trophies:
For all trophy hunters out there, beating a game on its hardest difficulty will most likely get you closer to a platinum trophy than beating it on normal. Pro-Tip: If you complete the game on hard, you also get the Achievements/Trophies for completing the game on all difficulties lower than the one you completed, and unless you love that particular game a lot then you probably don’t want to play it three or more times over just to get the achievement.  

Go make sure you do that though.

10. 100% Completion: 
In addition to the achievements argument, in most games you can never achieve 100% in a game if you haven’t beaten it on its hardest setting. Maybe you can live with that… or maybe the haunting thought of you not being good enough to beat the game on hard will haunt you for all your days to come. No one wants to take that risk so you might as well play it on hard and save yourself the future dilemma.

So playing on hard is a great experience and one that everyone that games should try at some point in their lives. Playing on hard is not for everyone, but try it from time to time and who knows maybe that one time you will beat the game on that setting. The most important thing to remember is to just have fun and enjoy whatever new adventure or story you’re going to dive into!!!

Written By Samuel Dorsainvil

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