Telltale's The Walking Dead: Michonne Review

Telltale Games has so far done an incredible justice and homage to The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead games have been iconic, and they have set a precedent to decision-making and story writing that is extremely character-focused. Telltale gave us some previews of The Walking Dead: Season 3 at E3 this summer, with a grown up Clementine still navigating the dark world. While I'm sure everyone is ready for the next installment, have you tried the most recent spin-off, that features a main character from The Walking Dead series, The Walking Dead: Michonne

Michonne is one of The Walking Dead's most iconic characters, but unfortunately, this game did not give her justice or the same amount of development that previous Walking Dead games have given the main characters.

On the positive side, the game provided the opportunity for players to experience being a badass for a few minutes. The QTE sequences were congruent with Michonne's skills with a sword, and the choreography is extremely fun to watch and to play. It's also very exciting that Danai Gurira graces the game with her amazing, smooth voice, which makes Michonne's character feel even more authentic. 

One reason why this game suffered is the short episodes. Yes, it's supposed to be a mini-series, but some of the chapters were able to be completed within ten to fifteen minutes, especially the last episode. With the amount of action included in the series, this did not leave enough time for interactions with the characters. Some moments were candid, especially between Michonne's crew and her interactions with Alex and her younger brothers. But just as Michonne starts to build relationships with these people in episodes two and three, the entire series is finished. 

The shortened amount of time also nixed some of the exploration that is typical with these games. There wasn't enough interaction with the environment or puzzles to complete, and when there were sections of exploration, they felt rushed because of external factors the game pressured the player into. A good example of this is in the third episode when Michonne has to interact with everyone before a battle, but the music and certain dialogue options make it seem like you have to cut some of the valuable exploration short. This prevents the player from finding easter eggs or having that valuable character interaction that is missing from this series. 

The main "villains" of the game are Norma and her brother, Randall. Both of them are not extremely memorable like the villains or rivals in previous games typically are. Norma was the more humane of the two, but she teetered too much between being a hard-ass to being nice and didn't make much of an impact other than keeping Michonne's group on the run. Randall is the more interesting of the villains in the game, but he became a little too crazy to be taken seriously. 

One could argue that another main villain in the game was Michonne's own psyche. 

Michonne's flashbacks offered great insight into her character and demonstrated some of the reasons for her PTSD. Throughout the game, she's haunted by visions of (this is a spoiler if you haven't watched the series The Walking Dead) her two dead daughters. There are quite a few times where she has trouble disassociating herself from her visions, which leads to good jump scares and the need for quick reflexes during the QTEs. However, while the visions are powerful, the climax of her story came in at a very cliché time and that ultimately took away from the importance of her story.

Overall it's an okay game with great QTE sequences, but the lack of time you got to spend with the characters and weak villains really set this game back. Still, if you're looking for a quick game to play and a little more time with one of the series' most beloved characters, this game is worth picking up.

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Written by: Rae Swain
Images by Telltale Games
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