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How's it going guys! My name is Bryant Del Toro and I started Undiscovered Gaming on May 26th, 2015. I started the blog because of my passion for everything gaming and everything tech. I believe that people currently writing for the industry are focusing too much on its technicalities. I wanted a place where I could read fun and relevant posts without it always having it be about news or reviews. I feel like there so much more to see in our favorite gaming universes that we're missing out on because we focus on the little things too much instead of taking the time to appreciate the art. Hopefully my passion for writing and gaming translate over into the blog so thank you for stopping by. We'll try to provide fun quality content and try to have something for everyone.


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Gaming for Gamers by Gamers

Gaming for Gamers by Gamers

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A group of passionate gamers who are tired of seeing entertainment being marred by big companies and corporations. We're here to give the perspective of average gamers like yourselves and give you worthy content! With a team of passionate and talented writers, Undiscovered Gaming is striving to become one of your favorite places for your gaming content. Thank you for the support!

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