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Hello my name is Dennis Price, when I was three my parents bought me a Nintendo Entertainment System at a garage sale along with ten games and I have been playing games ever since. I didn't know at the time but those those games defined me as a gamer for the rest of my life; most of them were JRPGs/platformers. Now even though I started with Nintendo, PlayStation is really my bread and butter. I have been playing games on PlayStation since the PS1; I'm very into their handhelds as well especially my PSVita. I'm also pretty into trophy hunting on PlayStation.

I mostly play JRPGs, third person action games and any anime games that I have any interest in. When it comes to video games I love reading and writing about it, it's a passion for me personally. Now enough about video games I'm also a huge anime fan, my favorite genres are Shonen/Sports. I'm not really a comic book reader but when it comes to DC/Marvel's TV shows and movies I will always watch them. I'm looking forward to writing for Undiscovered Gaming.


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