Save Point: Weekly News January 25th - January 31st

Welcome to a round up of last week's gaming news! Keep up to date and know what's happening in the gaming world! No one wants to be that one person that has nothing to talk about right? 

Youtube's Fine Brothers try to Trademark the word "React"

The creators of the popular "React" video series on Youtube have gotten themselves into quite a predicament the past few days. The brothers decided it would be a good idea to announce the their intentions of trademarking the word "React". Yeah probably not the smartest of moves. With about 300,000 dislikes on their video announcing the idea, it's pretty clear to see that people were not buying it. Now to be fair, their announcement comes to light because of their new project, "React World" in which other creators could affiliate themselves with the Fine Brothers and monetize their react videos, share production tips, and share assets. The brothers claim that "we are in no way claiming reaction content in general is our own intellectual property" and instead describe it as a voluntary program in which creators could receive direct support from the brothers. Regardless of their intentions, the avalanche of negative feedback has caused the brothers to scrap the program entirely and apologize to the fans. What do you guys think could've happened if the react trademark went through. 

The Division Beta and "Rampant" Cheating? 

The Division closed beta was released arrived to Xbox One on January 28th and then arrived on PS4 and PC on January 29th. Overall the game's reception was pretty decent. A lot of people enjoyed the beta claiming it fixed plenty of issues that plagued games like Destiny at release but even though it does seem promising, there are a few complains here and there. According to Forbes and Newsweek, the gameplay seems to standard...whatever the hell that means...They explained that the gameplay itself was just a bunch of shootouts that blended together with no real stand off-ish points to which I say "yeah but..." It's true, there probably aren't too many cinematic and climactic points but that's not something you should really be expecting from an MMO-RPG. Most of the memorable experiences you have in an MMO takes place online and you're most likely creating them with your friends. Another MAJOR complaint as that the A.I just seems too dumb. Almost to the point where the protagonist seems invincible. The enemies bullrush your position easily letting the player drop them one by one. Ahead of it's March 8th release date, Ubisoft will try to correct some of these problems. Mostly the cheating that a lot of PC players were taking part of...did I forget to mention that? Check it out here: 

It's been a long 8 years and there are still surprises

Team Fortress 2 has been one of the most influential PC games to ever be made. With 8 years under it's belt, Team Fortress 2 is still on the top ten most played Steam games to this day with about 67,000 people playing at any one time. Until now, players could only play online through browser searches which never really accounted for skill...until NOW! Valve has taken a step towards introducing Multiplayer Match-making which isn't something necessarily new because it's pretty much a standard feature in today's multiplayer games but still! It's a good step towards keeping this game alive. 

Loot Crate has what now?

Loot Crate announces a new gaming subscription! The new monthly subscriptions is called Loot Gaming and is the company's attempt at providing their customers with a monthly crate of gaming related merchandise. For those who don't know what Loot Crate is pay close attention. Loot Crate is a monthly gear club for those that live and embrace the geek and gaming lifestyle. Loot Crate is a discovery box which connects its' subscribers with cool and new merchandise for geeks to freak out about. Some include shirts (maybe all of them now) while other include POP figures. The box is random and provides all kinds of goodies. The standard crates often include some gaming stuff but this new subscription means the entire crate will be gaming based. This new gaming subscriptions means they will be working more closely with developers and publishers to get more exclusive items for the fans. 

Why was NBA2K16 sued?

Solid Oak Sketches. That's the name of the tattoo company suing Take-two interactive and Visual concepts claiming the companies failed to acquire the necessary licenses for tattoos shown in NBA2K16. Solid Oakes claims there are 8 tattoos to infringe on its copyrights which include a tattoo on Lebron James' forearms and the butterflies on Kobe Bryant's arm. Solid Oak is seeking $150,000 dollars per infringement. 

Bethesda confirms second E3 conference! 

Bethesda will return to Los Angles in 2016 for it's SECOND E3 press release. This news comes after the company announced it on it's twitter with a picture saying "Are you game?" The venue hasn't been specified but as of now, the press release will be on June 12th, 2016 at 7 pm. There are rumors that this year's E3 will focus mostly on DOOM and Dishonored 2.  

It was fake! Stop worrying now! 

If you're a gaming veteran, you've probably heard of the legendary game designer, Peter Molyneux. Molyneux is mostly known for his work on games like Fable and Populous. According to his company 22Cans, Molyneux's twitter account was the target of a hack today where the account tweeted that he was going to retire from the gaming industry and that his latest creation, Godus, was going to be taken off of the Steam store. The tweets are not legitimate and definitely do not represent the views of Molyneux. He has since regained control of his account so if anything else is posted... it's probably really him. 

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