Paris Games Week Review - Sony's Conference

With Sony having no conference presence at Gamescom, there was a question on my mind if we would have a year with one less conference from Sony at a game show. The lass few months Sony has been putting a lot of interest into Paris Games Week, I mean there going to have a conference. There a lot of reasons why there doing this. A lot of announcements are coming from Paris this week, I predict the announcements are mostly going to be about PS4 and possibly PlayStation VR; I don't really think PSVita will have a presence but I hope I'm wrong.

The conference starts off with a sizzle reel of games that have released and are coming to PlayStation in the future. Then Jim Ryan, president & CEO of SEE comes out to introduces us to the conference, he lists the many games that came out this year for PlayStation trying to get as many applause as he can. A trailer for Call of Duty Black ops 3's zombie map is presented to get everyone excited to shoot some zombies once again. After that a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront is up next showing off well known characters from Star Wars canon and gameplay.

A trailer for Street Fighter V is up next, many characters from the Street Fighter universe were shown off fighting each other into submission. Yoko Ono, a street fighter producer comes up and announces a fighter roster update with another announcement that 6 more character will be added after launch. He also adds that Street Fighter V for PS4 will be launching on February 16th 2016. Harada from Bandai Namco comes out as Yoko Ono announces him as the final launch character(in his own unique fighting pose) for Street Fighter jokingly. Harada from Bandai Namco is up next to announce Tekken 7 and it is coming to PS4 with exclusive content; it is also coming to PlayStation VR. A trailer for Tekken 7 on the screen showing off Tekken through the years, the plot for Tekken 7 has a Father and Son rivalry at the front.

Battleborn is up next showing off the many ways to play the game, the game can be played many
ways whether you want to play the game Solo or with a team of friends. Jim Ryan reveals the next three games are all exclusives. The first one is a first person game in a unique world called Boundless. After that a video is showed off with the developers talking about there music rhythm game called Vector. The last game is a game that is on a lot of people's radar, it has been revealed that No Man's Sky is coming to PS4 in June 2016.

Micheal Denny is presenting next to show off a CG trailer for Housemarque's new game, Matterfall. A trailer for the game adaption of the Ratchet and Clank movies,which is also based on a game; yeah it's kinda weird. Horizon: Zero Dawn demo presentation is up next showing off new features of the game, that allows you to pause the world and zoom in on weak points for massive damage. A trailer for Bloodborne's new expansion, The Old Hunters is up; it is coming November 24th. A trailer for Drive Club expansion known as Drive Club Bikes which available on the PlayStation Store right now. It's available as an expansion but it is also be purchased as a standalone title as well. Gravity Rush 2 is up next with a gameplay trailer being presented from the creator himself. A trailer shows off the different gravity styles that Kat can use now that the Gravity Rush developers have the power of the PS4 at there disposal.

A trailer for Uncharted 4's multiplayer is up next which is looking really fun and silly. Next up is a demo presentation for Dreams, showing off what this game actually is and the potential it can reach for users. Shuhei Yoshida is up next to talk about PlayStation VR, 8 games are playable on the show-floor. A trailer for the eSports like VR game called RIGS is showed off, looks like a new sport just from what the newscasters are saying in the trailer. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood has been announced for PlayStation VR exclusively. Up next is a trailer for a Crytech VR, it is called Robinson: The Journey; looks like a VR dinosaur world adventure game. A trailer for another VR called Battle Zone is up next,a very Tron like VR experience from the look of it.

PlayStation VR is fused with a Sony Pictures movie(that bombed I might add), The Walk; from the trailer it is showing off a unique experience for users who are walking walking across a tight rope at building like heights. Over 200 developers are working on PlayStation VR and a sizzle reel for a fraction of those game are showed off on screen. Next up is a trailer for Gran Turismo Sport for PS4 with a partnership with FIA. A Beta for the game is coming in 2016, the game is also being tested to be compatible with PlayStation VR; good results from the tests I hear.

Next up is a demo presentation for Wild on PS4, the presentation includes controlling birds, bears and rabbits. You get to ride bears as well, this game is so silly and looks awesome. David Cage is up next talking about the Kera tech demo and I think this is the part where Shuhei Yoshida takes a nap. Finally Quantic Dream announce Detroit:Become Human for PS4 exclusively along with a trailer. With that Sony's conference for Paris Games Week is over, it was a really long conference clocking at about one hour and 40 minutes. The conference at some boring moments when talking about Dreams, the conversation going on in the GT Sports that wasn't talking about the game and Movie VR talk in the middle there. It's sad that they didn't mention PSVita at all but I'm not surprised; I hope there is tons of coverage for my favourite handheld at PSX. Other then that it was an enjoyable conference with not a lot of new surprises.

Written by Dennis Price

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