Gamescom 2015 Review - EA's Conference

I'll be honest EA's conference at E3 2015 was a little boring, I think I actually yawned during the times they brought up their sports title and any other title I had no interest in. I only made it through it because of the exciting titles during the conference like Mirror's Edge:Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront, Mass Effect Andromeda and the very cute Unravel. I realize they have to talk about those titles but that doesn't make the conference less exciting for a consumer who isn't invested into those titles. We'll find out soon how interesting EA's conference was. I personally want to discover new detail for games I'm excited for. 

The conference starts off with the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson starting off the presentation. He teases what's coming in the next hour. The first game that presents itself is Need for Speed. This version of Need for Speed is considerably different compared to any other game in the series. The game will have a fusion of the gameplay that the series is known for and live action cut scenes. This is the first time I've ever heard of a game having live action scenes with actual actors in recent years. The game is looking good and might be the 'definitive' Need for Speed experience new and old fans are looking for. The game has 5 different play styles that will define what kind of racer you are. Those 5 play styles have their own story. Different race cultures are coming into the game as well so look out for the game this November.

We go from racing to parkour, yes Mirror's Edge Catalyst is next on our schedule. The sequel to EA's critically loved game is looking amazing. A story mission from early in the game is showed off. This mission in particular is the catalyst that starts off Faith's journey for the game. The game is looking awesome with it's traversal and combat and the cut scenes look spectacular as well. The game comes out on February 25th, 2016 After that was a preview of the expansion for Star Wars:The Old Republic known as 'Knights of the the Fallen Empire', which is available October 27th. The expansion goes deep into the lore of Star Wars. If you're a new comer to the MMO, you get right into that expansion when it releases. Also if you sign up for the game during Gamescom you can get an exclusive character. He's a very Han Solo-ish character but with a hat; people like hats, right?

Sims 4 reveals itself with a live action trailer that shows off the game play in a real world setting which makes the world we live in seem a little more silly. Sims 4 comes with a monthly event update so every month is different from the next. It was announced that expansion for Sims 4 which called 'Get Together' is coming in November of this year so look out for that if you're a fan of the game. Plants vs Zombie:Garden Warfare 2 is next with plants on the attack this time. The game has a bunch of new classes to choose from. For those players who like to play by themselves, a Solo Play option is available in this sequel. There is a hub world that let us take on quest from the crazy characters in the Plants vs Zombies world. There is also a preorder bonus for a mech on the zombie's side which is Grass Effect; which combines the silliness of Plants vs Zombies and Mass Effect. The game is coming in Spring of 2016.

EA then shows off game concepts that have the potential of happening or they may not happen at all. They have some interesting game IP in the planning stages it seems. They transition from games that are happening to Unravel, the developer of Unravel that made me go 'Ahhhhh' as he told his story at E3 2015 is back. Now I feel like I'm experiencing dejavu as he told that story again with the feedback and fan art. He sho Alpha gameplay of Unravel that really showed off the game's unique features. String is very limited in the level so to proceed through it, you need to pick up more string that is scattered through out the level in collectible form. The game is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in the very near future hopefully.

Now it's Star Wars:Battlefront time, a new mode called Fighter Squadron was announced. This mode is an ariel battle arena that has up to 20 fighters fighting with Star War's most iconic ships. That includes the Millennium Falcon too. Dice has been given the right by Lucasfilm to design Sollust for the Star Wars Canon I imagine. Exciting things are coming for Star Wars this year with Battlefront, the game is available this November but let's be honest, you already knew that. The last thing that was showed off was FIFA 16, which was a continuation of Microsoft's conference. A video was showed off with two friends setting up there teams via Futdraft. Many features that excited fans was revealed, at the end of the conference a person in the audience won tickets to the biggest football game of the season which were hidden under their seat.

This EA conference was little more exciting this time around with the updates they were revealing for there existing IP. It's true nothing really new was announced but you have to lower expectations for these conferences or you will get disappointed every time.

Written By Dennis Price

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