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What ‘s up Gaming World!! My name is Samuel Dorsainvil and I started writing for UndiscoveredGaming on May 26th 2015. Alongside my close friend, I decided to join him in this endeavor because I share the same vision of creating a fun environment for other gamers to visit where we keep it real and focus on the important stuff and not all the little technicalities. A little background, I am currently  21, I love video games and I have a ton of Superhero themed hats/shirts. I have been playing video games ever since I can formulate a memory and gaming has been and is still a very big part of my life. I am extremely passionate about games and I enjoy keeping it real when discussing them and that is exactly what I intend to do with my posts. I have had an experience with pretty much all types of consoles my first being the Sega Saturn and i have played almost every other console in between from then on. On this blog I will most likely focus on writing about the latest big titles such coming out such as Fallout 4, The Division, Uncharted 4 and any other highly anticipated titles coming out in the gaming hemisphere. I mostly play and also own all 3 next gen consoles myself, so most of the content that I will put out will pertain to games involving these consoles. The types of games that I focus the most time into are RPGs or Action Adventure games but I also enjoy playing sports, fighting, strategy, etc. I will also be on the Youtube channel as well, so you should come and watch some of our videos to have a good laugh or two. Overall I just want this website to be a place where gamers of all kinds can freshen up on whatever gaming information they need and for people to be entertained and content with our posts. Hope you guys enjoy the work we do here at UndiscoveredGaming and don’t forget to tell all your other gaming friends about us too!!


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Gaming for Gamers by Gamers

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