Final Fantasy XV Uncovered Highlights

After ten years of development, things are finally beginning to look concrete for the Square Enix game, including an official release date. Undiscovered Gaming has previously reviewed the impressive demo for Final Fantasy XV, and here are the highlights and resources from the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered presentation last night.

New Trailer

The show opened with some words from Mr. Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. He discussed his feelings about the game and Final Fantasy in general, stating that even though Final Fantasy was like his loved child, sometimes the children go astray, a great metaphor for his feelings towards the series’ direction. Still, he was excited about Final Fantasy XV and the new direction, and revealed a brand new trailer with unseen footage and gameplay. YES! We get to ride the CHOCOBOS!

Personally not a fan of the Florence and the Machine cover of “Stand By Me,” during the trailer. Not that is was a bad cover or song, there’s just some dissonance between the tone of the song and the Final Fantasy series that I know. Plus, not quite sure why Florence said that this was the first time she's done video game music because it was not, they used one of her songs in the end of Dragon Age 2. That irked me a little bit, but that's besides the point. It is fitting in the sense that fans have stood by this game for the past ten years, and will always stand by the series.

An Anime? 

Next, we received a few more surprises, including a look at the gameplay and a reveal of the anime to be associated with the game, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, a five-part series explaining the backstories of some of the characters. Another surprise, they released the first episode to watch available on Crunchyroll now.

It sure did...

A Feature Movie

A full-length CGI movie called Kingsglaive was the next item on their list. With cool voice actors like Sean Bean and Lena Heady (Game of Thrones, anyone?) and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, this should be a fairly interesting movie. It’s about a story that takes place during the game featuring King Regis’s Glaive, a sort of knight’s order. Available for streaming/downloading before the release of the game. Spoiler but not really a spoiler, Sean Bean’s character will probably die. ;)

iOS and Mobile Games

The goodies just keep on coming. An iOS game called Justice Monster Five, also a game IN the main game, will be available for download soon.

Another Demo!

My personal favorite announcement of the night was of Final Fantasy XV: Platinum. It features a young Noctis in a “dream mode,” and it shows his adventures with his buddy Carbuncle. The demo kind of reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, and I’m wondering if there will be any references to Kingdom Hearts 3...wouldn’t Noctis be a cool companion! The best part? It’s available for download now on the PS4 and Xbox One.  

Game Packages

An exhibition of merchandise was the next item on the list for the show. Other than the basic versions of the game, Square Enix is releasing a deluxe version which will include a copy of the feature-length movie and some other DLC, as well as an Ultimate Collector’s Version, which costs a whopping $269.99. Only 30,000 copies are available of the collector’s edition, so if you’re interested, invest in it quickly here.

Release Date:

Finally: the official release announcement. Earlier in the day, and even a few weeks ahead of the presentation, the release date had unfortunately been leaked. But the creators of the show were good sports about it; they trolled the audience pretty hard before the big reveal with a slot machine, joking that the date was November 30th, 2016 before officially celebrating September 30th, 2016.

That's not too long to wait! One interesting thing is that the release date is on a Friday, where typical major titles come out on a Tuesday. I see that as a plus...that way many more people, including myself, can actually stay up all night to really get immersed in the game. It seems that Square Enix throughout this show has taken some cues from companies like Bethesda, immediate gratification, releasing pre-game content like iOS mini-games and keeping the official release date fairly quiet until just a few months before its release. They've even taken it a step further with releasing the short anime, another demo, and a full-length movie.

Recently I've seen a lot of complaints about this game, especially about the gameplay, and how this just doesn't look like Final Fantasy anymore. Look, the Final Fantasy games that we know and love have to grow and change with the times like anything else. As far as the gameplay, it’s not too far from stuff Square Enix has released before. The combat feels extremely similar to Kingdom Hearts gameplay, and that’s a great thing. This game will be the Final Fantasy that will take back the throne for the series.

PS. The famous car all of the boys ride around in also flies! See the full trailer.

Written by: Rae Swain
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Images above were screenshots taken frantically with my iPhone during the presentation. ;)

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