Save Point: Weekly News February 23rd - February 28th

"The sun loved the moon so much..."

Finally a game that doesn't seem like a remake! On February 26th, during the Pokemon direct, Nintendo announced Pokemon Sun and Moon! According to the Pokemon Company, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out later this year for the holiday season. Not too much is known but here is a bit of concept art that was revealed. A lot of trucks maybe?
Yes, that's a Blastoise sitting in the back of a firetruck
 This announcement is also important because the gameboy originals, Pokemon Red and Blue, were released February 27th for the Nintendo Eshop. Why is that important? I will tell you curious reader. It's important because people will now be able to use the Pokemon Bank to transfer their first generation Pokemon into Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Pokemon Bank is an app for your phone and does require an annual fee of $4.99 BUT how cool would it be to have your Charizard in your party for the new game? 

It's like being there without being there!

Twitch has been heavily competing to Youtube Gaming. In an attempt to match Youtube Gaming, Twitch has announced a new "Chat Replay" feature which allows the chat to...well replay for recorded videos. Let's assume you missed your favorite live stream. When you go onto past broadcasts, you will be able to see the past live stream WITH the inclusion of the chat playing in real time. The feature will show chat emotes, subscriptions and badges exactly as they appear on the stream. You'll get to experience everything you missed without ever skipping a beat! 

The Division is set to break records

The Division's Beta is now over. Ubisoft announced that over 6.4 million people played the beta over Xbox One, PS4 and PC. By comparison, Destiny's beta attracted 4.6 millions players in 2014. The Ubisoft team also informed us that people put in about 7 hours on average into the beta which makes it one of the most played beta ever. Ubisoft has high hopes that The Division will join the ranks of Destiny and Watch Dogs as one of the biggest launches for a new IP. The release window for the game is set to be March 8th, 2016. Only a few weeks away and people are super excited for this game.  

Apple vs. FBI

If you haven't heard about this by now, it's okay we understand. Living under a rock is hard. ANYWAY, the quick run down is that the FBI wants Apple to create a Iphone backdoor. A special version of IOS that could bypass the security of the lock screen protection as well as a feature that would allow someone to input the lock code electronically. The reason why the FBI wants this back door? The FBI wants it because it wants to unlock an Iphone belonging to one of the terrorist involved in the San Bernardino attacks last year. The FBI was unable to access the smart phone to map the terrorist's connection to ISIS and find any other accomplices in the U.S so they sought the help of the tech giant. Tim Cook's rebuttal? Creating a back door is too dangerous and would allow hackers to gain access to these devices via "brute force". It would severely diminish Apple's ability to protect the public from a prying eye. Apple's biggest argument? Complying with the FBI's order would create a "legal precedent" and "expand the powers of the governments." This could lead to a very slippery slop. What do you guys think Apple should do?

Rage-quitters will be rage-quitters

A more permanent solutions is coming. Street Fight 5 developers have noted that the game does have a problem with players rage quitting in the middle of matches. Players are disconnecting in order to retain their league points and ranks. Just days after the release of Street Fight 5, people began reporting that the game does not penalize rage quitters. The lack of a penalty system is huge because it essentially allows players to retain their win streaks and doesn't allow other to increase their rank or wins. Capcom was quick to acknowledge this short coming is planning to serve up severe punishments to the worst offenders. In related news, Street Fighter 5 Arcade mode could possibly come in the future. 

That's about the wrap up for last week's gaming news! Make sure to check out some of our other articles and thank you a bunch for visiting the site! 

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