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Halo 5 will never have split- screen

The fact that Halo 5: Guardians didn't have split-screen has a major point of discussion. We even discussed it on one of our video podcasts when it was first announced. According to Halo franchise development director Frank O'conner, the blowback from the missing feature has been "huge". People have been asking if there was any way split screen could be added through a post-release patch and the answer is no. A giant big resounding NO. O'conner explains that it would technically be impossible to add split screen post release and says that the 60fps is partially responsible for this. When 343 studios decided to lock the game in at 60fps, they understood that there would be"some issues" and technical impossibilities for the rest of the game. O'connor says that he personally misses the split-screen feature but the amount of players that actually played via local play was relatively small eventually leading to the decision to completely eliminate it. O'connor then moves on to explain about the development of Halo 6 and the possibility of having split screen return. Nothing has been decided quite yet but at least there's some hope. 

Batman Arkham Knight PC Full Refund

So everyone kind of remembers the disaster of a release that was Arkham Knight PC. The game's bugs pretty much made the game unplayable causing the developer, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, to recall most copies that were on the shelves and take it off the market. The game has since been re-released coupled with a few free games to make up for the lost time. The free games were kind of an apology to the consumers BUT the game is still suffering from many issues AFTER the re-release. The game's performance has not improved as expected which now puts Warner Bros. in a difficult position. Their response to the problem? An unconditional refund program for anyone who wants their money back. Until the end of 2015, Warner Bros. is offering a full refund regardless of how long you played the game. They will continue to release patches until the game is in working condition but here's your chance if you decide you didn't want to wait it out. 

PSN name changes might not even be possible

Playstation fans have always requested the ability to change their PSN names. So far to date, Sony has ever added that as possible feature. Unfortunately, it might not even be possible...EVER according to Playstation Boss Shuhei Yoshida. Yoshida explains on a twitter video that Playstation is aware of what the fans want and that their engineers have been looking into the possibility. As of now, there are no promises about the feature becoming a reality but he does promise to let us know if anything ever comes up. 

Live sports are now being streamed in Virtual Reality

NBA fans were able to watch a first-of-its-kind broadcast on Tuesday. The NBA, Turner Sports, and NextVR teamed up for this event to allow fans to watch to the Golden State Warriors play the New Orleans Pelicans through the Oculus Home app. Only people with supported VR (as of now, only Samsung Gear VR headset was listed) could watch the event. This is the first professional live sports game to be broadcasted for VR viewers. Is this the kind of viewing experience we should expect in the future? Do guys want to watch tv in VR? 

No Man's Sky Release Window Announced

No Man's Sky, the space adventure exploration game will launch in June 2016 with the PS4 and PC versions launching together. We've caught a good glimpse of the scope of the game and have plenty of reasons to be excited so expect some more news in the upcoming months about it's release. 

Playstation Plus...League?

It has been discovered by IGN, that Playstation will be launching their own competitive esports gaming league. Titled "Playstation Plus League", Playstation Plus users will be able to compete in games such as Battlefield:Hardline, Fifa 16, and Street Fighter V for cash prizes. Players will be able to win real money if they place high enough in the tournament series. Not too many details on this yet but who knows, you might be able to turn your gaming hobby into a possible career! 

New Xbox One Experience Launch Date

Completely overhauled UI and backwards compatibility are a few things you can expect with the New Xbox One experience. Select members have been testing out the new UI since September through Xbox's preview program and so far the feedback has been positive. Not too much longer now though. You can expect to play Burnout Paradise and Crackdown in your living room on November 12th, 2015. 

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