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Steam Link

Game on all your TVs at home! The video which will be linked below shows the Team Fortress 2 cast playing traditionally PC games on their TVs. Steam Link enables game streaming from PCs, Macs, Steam Machines, and Linux PCs within a network. The device supports 1080p gaming at 60Hz all for the nice price of $49.99. Cost less than a game. Steam Link will be available for purchase on November 10th, 2015. The Steam controller will also launch along side the Steam Link. 

Star Wars BattleFront won't support Private matches at launch

Plainly put, the developer wrote on twitter that the game "will not have private matches at launch". DICE never mentioned that the game would support private matches so it's not like the feature is being cut. It kind of sucks and I'm sure there are going to be a lot of players who will be bummed out because of the lack of the feature. The developer didn't mention whether the feature could be implemented on a later date but there is still hope. Titanfall which was also developed by DICE didn't receive private matches until some time later after a post launch update. Dice also stated that Battlefront will not have a dedicated chat system. Dice has even instructed PC players to use their "favorite third party software" to communicate with their friends.  

Dice admits that Star Wars Battlefront Walker Assault mode is unbalanced

The Star Wars Battlefront beta pretty much just came to an end. After being the largest beta release in the history of EA, they received a lot of valuable input. One of the biggest complains in the beta was the fact that the imperials had a significant advantage over the rebels in the Walker Assault mode and many players were taking notice. Dice has acknowledged that there was a balancing issue within the beta and promised to make changes based on the feedback and data they receive. This is a perfect example of why more developers should allow public betas even if it is for a short time. The response and feedback is invaluable and helps avoid some of the disasters we've seen at launch with games like Arkham Knight and Assassin's Creed Unity. 

Pokemon Go Dev raises 20 million dollars

Niantic , the developer behind Pokemon GO, announced last Thursday that they have raised 20 million dollars in Series A funding from investors that include The Pokemon Company, Google, and Nintendo. The initial investment consist of 20 millions dollars but the companies have pledged to give another 10 million dollars "upon achieving certain milestones". For those who haven't heard what Pokemon GO is: It is a free game which allows players to catch, train, and battle with Pokemon in the real world via location information. Pokemon is investing a significant amount into this project and is hoping to pave the way to a new era of social gaming. 

Allison Road leaves Kickstarter and decides for a more traditional approach

Allison Road, often known as P.T's spiritual successor, was attempting to finance the game through Kickstarter. As of October 19th, Lilith (Allison Road developer) had raised about $224,000 out of the the $384,000 the company was hoping to get. The only problem was that the campaign ended on October 21st and Kickstarter does not dispense any of the funds unless a project is completely funded. Lilith decided to cancel the crowdfunding campaign after releasing the news that the game will now be published by Team17. Team17 is responsible for the hit game, Worms and has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Allison Road will now have the resources and support to continue unhindered and will pretty much be the best horror game we have ever experienced. Be prepared...

Gamestop will be closed on Thanksgiving Day

Gamestop has announced that it will not be opening Thanksgiving Day out of respect of for their employees and shoppers alike. Gamestop believes that there is an "emerging trend" in the retail industry that is taking away holidays from customers and associates. They believe people are too busy shopping or worrying about deals to enjoy their holidays. Gamestop wants to take a stand to protect family time during the holidays even if other retailers won't. No worries though, Gamestop will be open on November 27th for Black Friday so all your shopping needs will still be met. 

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