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Pokemon GO Announced for IOS/Android

Ladies and gentlemen, our dreams and prayers have been answered! An all-new game is being developed for Android and IOS. The new game is a colloboration between Nintendo and Niantic, the developer responsible for the augmented reality game, Ingress. I've posted the trailer below so you have an idea of what you can expect when the game is released in 2016. Pokemon GO is a location based game, letting players track, capture, and battle Pokemon in a real world setting. "Pokémon GO is a wonderful combination of Niantic's real world gaming platform and one of the most beloved franchises in popular culture," added Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, Inc. 

Super Mario Make Addresses 9-Day Wait

Super Mario Maker's level editor doesn't offer all of it's tools right out of the gate. You need to play at least 5 minutes everyday to unlock tool the following day after playing. It will take more than a week to get access to all the game has to offer. (It's going to take longer if you don't/can't play daily). While the system still remains in place, a patch has been released stating "Conditions for increasing the amount of usable parts (for level editor) were added". The exact mechanics are unclear but multiple players claimed they have unlocked content by placing a lot of items(such as blocks in a level) or after waiting for two hours and half. Although there is no sure fire way to unlock everything in a more timely fashion, you might as well try out the few tips floating around online. 

Halo 5 Multiplayer drops Map Veto and Voting System

The voting system, which is used in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and previous entries in the series, is no longer available in Halo 5. This news is confirmed from on Twitter where 343 Industries executive producer, Josh Holmes, tweeted "No voting or Veto, just straight Rotation". Holmes didn't provide any further information but one of the reasons fans are speculating that 343 Industries decided to eliminate the feature was because popular vote left some maps and modes unplayed. This might not be completely bad news though. The elimination of this system might offer more variety! 

Apple Tv is now...gaming?

Apple's Keynote just happened where they unveiled the new Iphone 6s and Iphone 6s Plus. At this conference, they also unveiled the new generation of Apple TV which includes video capabilities. After years of speculation, we finally got confirmation of Apple's micro-console. The device will integrate traditional apps into it's device but it will also host video games like Guitar Hero and Rayman. 

Pewdiepie Becomes First Youtuber to Surpass 10 Billions Views

Felix Kjellberg has become the first Youtube user to exceed 10 billions views on his channel. Pewdiepie is also the most subscribed Youtuber with 39 million subsribers! Pewdiepie has been a hot topic of discussion this year. Since Pewds has become such an integral part of Youtube, people have begun to raise questions on his earnings and his videos. A lot of people have gotten angry over his earnings. People don't understand how his "Let's play" videos are earning him a whopping 7.3 millions dollars in 2014. More power to you Pewds and Congrats! 

Gamers Hate Jimmy Kimmel

Television host, Jimmy Kimmel aired a skit that made fun of Youtube's new gaming service. The video was not received as well as he thought it would... The video above jokes about people who like watching other people play video games. Kimmel also takes jabs at its value as entertainment. Suffice to say that it was the most unliked video Kimmel has ever had on his youtube channel. The video below is him trying to understand this generational phenomenon and pretty much still not getting it...

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