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Nintendo Announces New President

Nintendo has announced it's new president two months after Satoru Iwata's death. Nintendo's new successor is Tatsumi Kimishima. The company announced it's successor along side a new corporate reorganization which is meant to "strengthen and enhance the management structure of the company," according to a statement from Nintendo. Kimishima will be the fifth president of Nintendo with about 15 years of experience in the video game business. Kimishima entered the business as the chief financial officer for the Pokemon Company on December 2000. In January 2002, he was appointed as the President of Nintendo America and then went on to become CEO and chairman of Nintendo America while Reggie Fils-Aime took over as president in May 2006. Tatsumi is more than qualified to take Iwata's place but will he ever have the heart, passion and love we've come to expect from Nintendo's presidents? 

Destiny: The Taken King Breaks Records

You would think the $40 price tag of the Taken King expansion would deter some players but guess what...YOU'RE WRONG! Destiny: The Taken King is now the most downloaded title on launch day in Playstation history. The expansion was so popular that Activision announced that they had broken two other records. One for the total number of players and the second for peak online simultaneous users. The Taken King did better than the original Destiny day-one launch on September 9th, 2014. 

Konami Ceases AAA Console Game Development

Reports suggest that Konami has ceased development of all triple A titles with the exception of PES(Pro Evolution Soccor). According to French gaming site GameBlog , Konami is currently finishing it's development on Metal Gear Online with no "big" titles after this. Konami's on going investment in console development has been doubtful for some time now after Konami's President Hideki Hayakawa said the company would "pursure mobile gaming aggressively" and smartphones would become it's new "main platform". Konami has been a company of massive change lately with the departure of Kojima, the cancelation of Silent Hills, and rumors of "internal restructuring", this could most likely be happening. Regardless of what happens with their game development, Konami believes the future of gaming lies within the mobile space. Any thoughts on that? 

PS4 VR Headset To Be Priced "As a new gaming platform"

The officially named "Playstation VR" (previously Project Morpheus) has a price estimate of "a new gaming platform" according to Playstation President, Andrew House. Assuming he's talking about a tradition new generation home console, Playstation VR could cost somewhere between $300- $400. The Oculus Rift, which is expected to sell in the first quarter of 2016 will was also speculated to cost somewhere between $200- $400 but will include an Xbox One controller with it's package. If the Oculus development kit is any indication of the price, the device would set you back $350 bucks since that's how much it's currently priced at. The Playstation VR will work directly off your PS4 with a promise of 10 launch titles. What do you think is a good price for a VR headset? 

13 Women Soccor Players pulled from Fifa 16

13 women were removed from Fifa's new woman's national team rosters. The women were removed because their appearance threatened their eligibility in the NCAA. The women were removed in the code that will ship with the disc so there isn't going to be a patch and update that could allow consumers to play with these 13 women. EA strongly disagreed with ruling but decided to comply with the decision as to not ruin the collegiate career of the woman. EA has paid a high price for its entanglements with the NCAA. The company has had to pay $40 million in a settlement because the NCAA accused EA of using football and men's basketball player's likeliness in two series for over a decade. 

Sony Dropping Playstation 4 Price in Japan

Sony has officially dropped the price of it's Playstation 4 for the first time. The new price is now 34,980 yen. When converted to US currency, it's launch day price was about $334 and it is now being dropped to about $292.This price drop is not a clear indication that it will trigger a similar discount in the US and Europe. Japan is Sony's weakest market as of late, so this may very well be a localized plan. Phil Spencer, Xbox One boss, that the price drop is sure thing! "I fully expect they (Playstation) will drop price," Spencer told IGN. This might be the holiday you've been waiting if you wanted to pick up a new console guys! 

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