10 Ways To Keep Your Characters Alive Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a new, major horror game exclusive to the PS4. Not only is this game a landmark in graphics, but it’s also unique in the decision-making game genre. An emphasis on the Butterfly Effect is setting a new standard for storytelling in games. That paired with the acting of the main characters and the homage to old-fashioned horror movies makes this an excellent addition to the PS4 library. Want to know how to keep the characters alive until dawn? Check out our tips below...

The gang's all back, but they have no idea what awaits them.

  1. Be aware that every little thing you do will affect the future.
This game is said to have 256 different outcomes, all based off of your interactions and choices during the game. Every little dialogue choice, QTE, clue, and decision can affect the story and endings. It can also ensure the character's survival or death. Keep that in mind as you do your playthrough.

  1. Find as many clues as you can.
Clues are important for figuring out the story and the mysteries behind the mountain estate. These clues aren't always easy to find. You may have to scour areas in the house and take the extra time to explore away from the story path to find them. You don't technically have to find all of the clues to survive, only a few are essential, but the clues do help connect the entire story.

Study up on anything you can find!

  1. Don’t be a jerk to your “friends.”
Think about it, would you like for your friend to throw you under the bus or betray you? Karma is a big factor in this game, and you can't control every character's decisions all of the time. Think about how your interactions affect the others. A good relationship with someone can help you in the future, especially if the character you’re playing needs assistance. A poor relationship can also put your favorite character in jeopardy.

  1. Be prepared to aim.
Aiming in this game is fairly easy, but under stressful circumstances it can be hard to find targets and miss. Just keep this in mind and don't get stressed when you have to shoot. There will also be sections where multiple things can be shot. Make sure you take the time to think about what the target can directly affect.

  1. Don’t mess up the QTE sections.
Sometimes you can miss one or two commands, and make up for them later. However if you're jumping, or running from someone or something, the QTE sections are essential for your survival.

  1. Don’t abandon your friends....all the time.
For the most part, it's important to help your friends. But sometimes you have to think if leaving someone behind would be the better option for the safety of yourself or others. Yes this kind of contradicts what I mentioned earlier, but there will be some sections throughout a playthrough where there are exceptions.

  1. Find totems, as many totems as you can.
These could mean life or death to your characters. There is a sign with this information in the beginning of the game, but just in case you forget...Black means the character's death, Brown means the loss of a friend, Red means danger, Yellow means guidance, and White means fortune. Do not just ignore these, they are not pointless in this game. Keep the mental image in your mind and you will be able to adjust your choices to avoid the deaths or maintain the fortune later. It all becomes clear when the actual situations happen. Like some of the clues, these can be hard to find, so search everywhere if you want to find 100% of the totems.

The fortune totem shown above could affect your character's decisions.

  1. Check your status updates.
The status updates include everything from your standings in the relationships with different characters, to records of your clues, and a butterfly effect page that records your decisions and the results. The main point of this in the game is to put the pieces together. Some parts of the story don't unlock or really make complete sense until all of the puzzle pieces are found and logged. It’s also another reference to help influence your decisions.

The stats go up and down throughout the game.

  1. Be careful in the later chapters of the game.
This is the where any lapse of judgement or mistake has the highest chance of being fatal. Trust your instincts and your reflexes. It can be frustrating if you make the majority of your mistakes in the end. If there’s any consolation, don’t start over until you finish the game completely. Once you finish your first playthrough individual episodes can be accessed so you can redo certain sections if need be.

  1. DON’T MOVE!
This is probably the most important feature to master for the game. Especially in the latter half of the game. Life hack: rest your hands on something as you play, whether it’s a table or a pillow or something else. Some sort of surface will help keep your hands steady during the extra-sensitive don’t move sections. If you do chose to hold it or don’t have a choice, take some deep breaths and stay calm. The don’t move sections get longer and harder toward the end, so be careful.

Wait...that’s it? Not quite, there’s still more to come. That’s just the spoiler-free,vanilla guide if you would like to try to figure it out yourself. If you don’t want spoilers...STOP SCROLLING and good luck. If you want specific characters to live, keep going.



Matt: First, in Episode 6 go calmly through the deer pack, don’t choose to hit the deer. Then in order to save Matt, jump to the ledge and don’t reach for Emily.

Jessica: In the 4th Episode, make sure Matt does everything he can to save Jessica quickly. If Matt gets the butterfly effect “He was successful at chasing after Jessica,” she’s alive towards the end, despite the cutscene where the elevator falls. In Episode 10 when/if she rejoins Matt, do not choose to run. Hide and then be prepared for a little QTE. Then chose to help Jessica at the end instead of running out by yourself.

Emily: In Episode 8, do NOT mess up her QTE sections.

Chris: Make sure you choose to save Ashley's life when it comes to choosing between her and Josh. Or, if you don't do that, when it comes to shooting yourself or Ashley during the saw scene, choose yourself. Next, when he's with the Stranger Man, DO NOT mess up his shooting and QTE's.

Chris and Ash really like each other...don't ruin it!! 

Ashley: Do NOT investigate the voice when you’re by yourself and down in the mines in Episode 9. Instead chose to rejoin your group. OR you can follow the voice, just don't open the trap door...

Mike: Mike can’t die until Episode 10, final scene. Use Sam to help him, and don’t let Sam leave until after he leaves.

Sam: She can’t die until the ending scene either. Don’t move. Her don’t move sections are difficult in the end because there are so many and they are so long. Choose to help Mike and hide whenever you have that option, until Mike leaves the house.

Josh: To save Josh you need to be able to find clues with pictures of Hannah and her tattoo. Make sure Sam finds Hannah’s journal when she is with Mike in the mines. After you get in the water, go to the left first and you can find the journal in a section on the ground.

Have a good time playing! Hopefully this guide will help you survive until dawn...

"The Result Of Chaos." 

Written by: Rae Swain
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I do not own the pictures above. They are screenshots from my own personal playthrough of Until Dawn, all rights belong to Supermassive Games and Sony Computer Entertainment.

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