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Halo 5 won't include Split Screen Play

Halo 5: Guardians won't include Split Screen cooperative play. 343 explains that having split screen would cause them to have 30 fps instead of the 60 fps they're aiming for. This is the first time a major Halo first-person shooter won't support some kind of split screen coop. The feature has been a staple in the Halo series since 2001. It's suck to know you won't be able to sit down next to a buddy and beat the campaign in one night, like old times. Xbox live gold will be required to play with your buddies online. Halo 5: Guardians is set to release on October 27th, 2015. 

Mafia lll officially announced

2k has confirmed that development for Mafia 3 is underway. Players can expect to see a worldwide reveal of the game which includes a trailer on August 5th, 2015 at 5 am PT. After years of speculation and rumors, a tweet of an image was sent out by 2k which teased the location and time period of the game. Not much information has been released at the moment but we can expect to see a lot more at GamesCon this year. 

Playstation Plus users can vote for next month's free game

Sony is rolling out a new feature that allows Playstation 4 users to vote for what game they want to see on next month's Playstation Plus free game lineup. This feature will presumably be used for September's upcoming games. The feature allows users to choose from three titles. After the voting period ends and users have chosen their free game, the remaining two titles are said to be put up a a discounted price on the Playstation store. Vote to play, as the feature is being called, will not be available every month according to the Playstation blog. The feature will take place at regular intervals throughout the year. Check out the Playstation blog to see what they had to say. 

Nvidia Shield Tablets recalled

Nvidia acknowledged that some of its Shield tablets could has a serious design flaw that cause the battery to overheat which could pose a fire hazard. Nvidia has issued a voluntary recall for any 8-inch tablet sold between July 2014 and July 2015. As part of the recall, Nvidia plans to replace the tablet. For more information click here.  

ZombieU Re-release on other consoles

Zombi, a update to the WiiU exclusive Zombi-U, has been announced for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. The first person survival horror is set to be released on August 18th, 2015 and will only be available through digital download. What makes Zombi unique is it's permanent death system. Players must survive in a zombie infested London for as long as possible because death means having to start from the beginning. Anything with permadeath sounds nerve wrecking, fun, and entertaining so make sure to check that out. 

Former Dead Island 2 Devs file for Insolvency

Yager Productions has filed for insolvency following the dissolution of its partnership with Deep Silver for Dead Island 2. Managing Director Timo Ullmann said in a statement "The insolvency filing is a direct result from the early termination of the project and helps protecting our staff. In the course of the proceedings, we gain time to sort out the best options for reorganizing this entity." The insolvency is specifically targeted at the part of the studio set up to develop Dead Island 2. 

Windows 10 out Now

Windows 10 has finally been released or at least to some consumers. The new OS combines the best bits of the old OS and new features that bring it together into a refined and cohesive package. The reason this has made it to this week's news is because Windows 10 features something that could change the way gamers play their Xbox One. Players will be able to stream their Xbox Ones to their Windows 10 devices with a wired or wireless connection. The quality of the stream mostly depends on your internet connection but their have been reports that the compression of the stream also deteriorates the Xbox One quality. The experience is nonetheless enjoyable but don't expect to have the best graphics. Since the feature is still in its early stages, you can expect to see some lag or frame drops during your stream. Microsoft also announced that they plan to give consumers the ability to stream PC games on the Xbox One. That's a goal they are actively working towards and I can only imagine how that would bridge the gap between PC and console gamers. The future looks bright ladies and gentleman, oh so bright. 

I'm also linking a Verge article that explains how to upgrade to Windows 10 if you haven't done so already. Click Here

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