Top 10 tunes to remind you you're a 90s gamer!

Let's be honest here, we all started listening to our music with the Walkman. 
Remember going on long car rides with your parents, sitting in the back seat playing your teal colored Gameboy Color while listening to the epic song in the background as you beat the Elite 4, or playing your Nintendo 64 on your living room TV jamming out to the songs in Tony Hawk Pro Skater as your character face-planted onto the concrete. Here’s a list of 10 Memorable Songs that reminds you that you were a 90’s gamer.

10. Banjo Kazooie - Click Clock Wood (N64)

First up on our countodown list of memorable tunes comes Banjo Kazooie’s Click Clock Wood. For all the Banjo Kazooie fans out there know exactly what song this is. During this part of the game you get to hear this upbeat and catchy tune as you go through the 4 different seasons of the year. This level was unique for its time as the environment would change along with the season  

9. Kirby Super Star - Meta Knight's Theme (SNES)

Next up on the list is Kirby Super Star’s Meta Knight’s Theme. Who else remembers encountering Meta Knight for the very first time and thinking I can’t wait to suck him up and take his power….. uhhhhhh you know what I mean by that. Meta Knight’s theme was a perfect representation of how badass of a character he was an also reminds us of the final battle sequence where our beloved Kirby squares off with the masked knight.  

8. Megaman X - Storm Eagle (SNES)

At Number 8 we have Mega Man X, Storm Eagle, now although pretty much all Mega Man songs are epic, something about Storm Eagle sets it apart, I can remember vividly jumping from platform to platform across the sky top of Newtype Airport and this song made my traversing all the more exciting. 

7. Super Mario 64 - Dire, Dire Docks and Jolly Roger Bay Underwater Theme (N64)

It’s the lucky number 7 and what other than to pick the soothing sounds of Mario 64’s Dire, Dire Docks/Jolly Roger Bay Underwater theme. Swimming under water for the first time was a pleasant journey because of this music….that is until you ran into that giant eel that was guarding the sunken treasure ship 

6. Pokemon - Mt. Moon (Gameboy Color)

Now up until now all of these songs have been happy or catchy tunes but number 6 on our list is the dreaded Mt. Moon theme. Now if you’re like me than you hated going into caves especially because of the Geodudes and Zubats that kept harassing you EVERY. STEP. OF THE WAY!!!! And to top it all off you have this annoying beat repeating itself while you spend 30 min to an hour in this stupid cave, but hey good times right. 

5. Super Mario 64 - Koopa's Road Original (N64) 

In the Top 5 now we have another Super Mario 64 track, Koopa’s Road, we all were excited for making it this far into the game and now that end was almost near we were rewarded with a cool final platforming level and some awesome music to listen too before our final battle. A very precise rhythm that drives you through conjured images of flames, bubbling lava, and baked stones makes for one of the best build ups in the Super Mario Series. 

4. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Superman by Goldfinger (N64) 

Ok now I really would put this as the Number 1 song out of this 10 because it is just sooooooooooo amazingly fantastic, but I have met those who haven’t heard this track before so up at number 4 is Super Man by Goldfinger in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Anyone else pull their highest score ever when this song played? I remember restarting the console over numerous times just to make sure this was the song playing. Never been in my grove so much. 
If you don't remember his level, we can't be friend

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms (N64) 

It's everyone's favorite song with tons of merchandise, fake lyrics, and remakes. The song gains it's popularity because of it's time paradox. Players learn the song from a guy who says he learned it from a kid years ago, then the player goes back in time to teach it to the same guy. It's a pretty cool idea. I always felt a distinct creepy, "not okay" feeling around the Windmill Man but he is near and dear to my heart. It's upbeat and catchy and a very different change in music from Kakariko Village to here. People noticed
"I can make you all types of wet gurl...with my song of storm." 

2. Pokemon Red/Blue - Route 1 (Gameboy) 

Getting Close to the top now and at Number 2 we have Pokémon Route 1, yes Pokémon’s Route 1 brings back the memories of starting off on your Pokémon journey for the first time with your favorite of the three starters that you chose ready to take on the 8 gym leaders and eventually the Elite 4.

1. Super Mario Bros - World 1-1 (SNES)

If you're a 90s gamer, most of your memories of gaming probably started with Super Mario Bros. on the SNES. With gameplay innovations and iconic characters that would be ingrained into our minds for the rest of our lives, World 1-1 is probably important video game level in history. Even if you didn't beat the game, every one tried the first level. 


As a bonus we decided to add this too because, let’s be honest who didn’t play Tetris

Obviously we didn't get every song on the list but these are some of the great songs that we heard while playing our games in the 90’s. Tell us in the comments below what your favorite is or what songs you think should’ve been in the list.

Written by Samuel Dorsainvil 


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