Few tips to get you through The Witcher 3: Wildhunt

A few tips for The Witcher 3

Hey Guys! The Witcher 3 has been my obsession in the video gaming world as of late and I bet there are a bunch of you guys out there that are struggling at some part of the game, so here are a bunch of hints and tips that I was able to compile that helped me in some of the most difficult parts of the game. 

Group fights happen more often than you think.

Tip 1: Prepare for your battles, unless your trying to get the achievement/trophy to defeat 5 enemies without parrying/ signs/ potions/ mutagens/ oils then you should always prepare before a battle, this means applying oil to your blades, selecting the right grenade/crossbow to use, and ready up your sign that does the best damage to that particular enemy. I find it always best to use Quen when entering a battle as well so that you can take that hit without losing health.
Trust me, most of my stuff is red too so no worries.

Tip 2: Pay Attention!!!! What I mean by this is pay close attention to your health and stamina, as well as your surroundings, enemies like to attack in groups and while your so focused on defeating them you may sometimes tend to not notice how low your health is getting, and remember to always keep your potions stocked up. Meditate after battles to replenish your potions as well as your health ( health only regenerates on any difficulty lower than normal).

Don't laugh, this is the closest thing I could find to a Witcher clock.

Tip 3: Take your time. I am currently playing on Death March which is the hardest difficulty and I can assure you that it is worth it to take your time when fighting an opponent. Rushing a fight leads to slight mistakes which just leads to that loading screen again for the 50th time in a row. Its better to have one long battle than have to sit through that loading screen 100 times. I would give up so much to never see that loading screen again.

"Hi mom, I'm on T.V!!!" - Werewolf

Tip 4: Study your opponents. Go into your bestiary and read and memorize the creatures weaknesses, this helps you with preparing before a battle but the bestiary actually assists you in making a battle plan, going in with a strategyis always better than going in blind. When you know your opponent avoids attacks, you know that getting a counter hit that does critical damage is that much simpler. Know when to roll or to sidestep. Know what signs to use or what grenades damage your opponent. Know what oils increase damage output. These are all important to winning your fight.

You probably wished you would've saved huh.

Tip 5: SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!! I cant stress enough the importance of saving, especially if playing on Death March, there are some parts where you cant save but doing it every 15 min or so is recommended, playing for like 3 hrs and then getting killed by a pack of drowners while trying to destroy thier nest only to go back 3 hrs and have lost all that progress is the most frustrating thing that can happen to a gamer, the auto save function only saves after main missions and also when you fast travel, so relying on those isnt wise. Before fighting any bog group of baddies I would recommend you save unless your sure the last autosave was like a min or two ago.

Tip 6: Witcher Gear Treasure Hunts/ Witcher Contracts. The gear treasure hunts are very useful, Witcher gear is upgradeable and gives really good bonus to Geralt not to mention these treasure hunts give you a good amount of experience. As for the contracts, doing them is a hassle at times but the payout is pretty much how you earn a good amount of money. Some of these contracts can be very easy but others can be extremely hard. This isn't the type of game where magical items will be handed to you. You have to work for it and it's one reason why this is one of the best games this generation of consoles has ever seen.

Tip 7: Dismantling. When it comes to this game you loot alot of stuff weapons included, most of these weapons are completly usless( at least in the beggining) and dont really have good resale value either, dismantling them for parts is always a good idea u get parts to craft other weapons from the schematics you loot troughout your journey, and trust me the weapons your craft are 10 times better than what you'll pick up half if the time.

How many times do I need to level up?

Tip 8: Character Development. Now you may be oberwhelmed by the charcter menu and unsure of what to level up first, personally I increase my signs as well as attack branches because they are the most helpful in the begining, blue mutagens are easy to obtain early on so you can increase your sign intensity by at least 20% and you will always have to use them combat, as for your attack branch increasing the speed and damage of your attack is beneficial because it makes the earlier battles a tad bit easier to complete.

Stacks on stacks on stacks

Tip 9: Trade Smarts. If you've read the tips during the loading screen you may have seen that different merchants appraise certain items in your inventory for a higher price than others. When trading make sure your getting the most money you can get for your items for sale. Blacksmiths will buy your weapons for more, but wont give you what you deserve for that chestplate you dont wear anymore. Armors love to buy your armor from you but they dont give a shit about your herbs. Herbalists give good prices on herbs and traveling merchants usually want your junk 😋. So get what you deserve and trade smart.
HA! Let me cut your head off...but in slow moooooooooooooo---tionnnn...
Tip 10: Your horse is your best friend. I think this is one of the most under utilized asset we have as Witchers. Just to give you an example, I was able to take out a camp of level 16 bandits while still being a level 9 Witcher. If there's any single tip that I can give you for open world combat, it's use your horse. While being on the horse, you will still take the regular amount of damage you would take if you were fighting on the ground but that's only if they land a hit. This horse combat kind of reminds me of guerrilla warfare. In and out all in one swipe. What most people don't know is that if you hold down the attack button, strong or light, everything because slow motion when you're around enemies so this feature gives you a better opportunity of aiming your slash. I can't describe the number of decapitation and severed limbs I've seen in this game because of this. 

Cometh on guys, this one is freaking gross in sense! - Geralt

Tip 11: This pretty much goes without saying but, JUST HAVE FUN!!!! Remember at the end of the day it's a game and you got it to enjoy it, so do just that. The Witcher 3 is a great game and shouldn't be taken to seriously. 

If you have any tips of your own, or questions feel free to let us know down in the comments and don't forget to follow us on all social media the buttons at the top left will direct you there, hope you guys found these useful!!

Written by Samuel Dorsainvil 


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