7 Reasons Why Commander Sheperd is the Perfect Romantic Partner

Is this considered a hipster picture in space?

When it comes to heroes, there are only a select few that come close to saving different alien species and galaxies all in the span of a few years. Come to think of it, I can’t think of any hero who has influenced the mortal world in a more impactful way than Commander Shepard.

The beauty of the Mass Effect series was that Shepard was anyone we wanted them to be. Short or tall, gay or straight, handsome or plain, a super powered tech god or a psychic beast. Anyone who played the series could insert a little of themselves into Shepard.

This list gives the reasons why Commander Shepard would be a good boyfriend/girlfriend, no matter what decision you made.

1. Commander Shepard is a total badass

Girl or boy, Shepard is always ready to kick some ass. Societies’ conventions of gender roles don’t apply to Shepard because there is no discrimination when it comes to a butt whooping. He/She willingly took on a “suicide” mission at the beginning of Mass Effect 2 while never airing a single complaint. You’ll never have anything to worry about when you’re next to Shep. You’re life is always safe with her/him. Who else is willing to headbutt a Krogan just to make a point?

2. Commander Shepard isn't perfect 

Shepard sometimes gives into her/his desires but that’s okay. Shepard isn’t the perfect human being but the point of it all is that she/he tries. No matter the obstacles or problems in his path, Shepard is ready to give it all to acquire his goal. Whether it’s an argument or a fight, you can expect Shepard to try to make it better.


3. Commander Shepard flirts but he/she knows when they've found the right one.

  Shepard had the opportunity to meet thousands of females throughout the galaxy but if Shepard chooses you, it’s all about you. Shepard cares so much about your relationship that he/she’s willing to transfer the save onto an entirely different game. Being a hero can be tough when you have everyone throwing themselves at you but no worries, you’re the only person she/he wants in their lives. :*

I dare you...

4. Commander Shepard isn't afraid to say what need to be said.

Let someone say something bad about you, I dare them. You’ll end up like our favorite news reporter of the Mass effect Universe. But seriously, how many times has Commander Shepard intervened in a random couple’s argument on the Citadel and spoke his/her mind?  Shepard isn’t afraid to give his/her opinion. So she/he’ll tell you if you look fat in that dress or that color doesn’t suit you.

5. Commander Shepard is progressive.

Shepard is the kind of open-minded partner all of Generation Y wants! Shepard loves who he/she loves without discriminating sexuality, gender, race, or species. It’s all about equal opportunity for Shep.

6. Commander Shepard can either be the nicest person alive or the cruelest human in history.

Whether it’s letting an entire species go extinct or selflessly sacrificing his life for the greater good of the universe, Commander Shepard can have his good days and his bad days. You just need to love him/her regardless. Hopefully the pros outweigh the cons.

What do you mean my space hamster died?


7. At the end of the day, commander Shepard has humanity's best interest at heart so yeah,that's makes them kind of cute.

  Can we just talk about everything this person has been through just to save humanity? His/her heroic acts range anywhere from fighting species-destroying aliens to helping a little girl find her father. Shepard is genuinely a good person and if that’s not enough to make him a good partner for you, then you don’t deserve him. 

 Written by Bryant Del Toro


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